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LED Control Systems

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
RF-Z-WIFILINK Link, WiFi for Multizone Controllers
RF-Z3C-REC Receiver, RF for 4 Zone RGB
URFDIM Remote Control, Dimmer Sgl Colour 12V
WRF-CT01-REM Remote Control, for Col Temp Controller, Up to 6 Zones Black
WRF-CT01-WH Controller, Colour Temperature Wall Mntd, Up to 4 Zones White
WRF-DIM01-REM Remote Control, for Single Colour Temp Dimmer, Up to 5 Zones Black
WRF-DIM01-WH Dimmer Unit, Single Colour Temp Wall Mounted White
WRF-RECEIVER Receiver, WRF for RF or APP Controls White
WRF-REPEATER Repeater, WRF Hard Wired for WIFI-REC White
WRF-RGB01-WH Controller, RGB Wall Mounted, Up to 4 Zones White
WRF-RGBW01-WH Controller, RGBW Wall Mounted, Up to 6 Zones Black
WRF-RGBW01-REM Remote Control, for RGBW Wall Mounted, Up to 6 Zones Black