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6242B White 1-2.5mm (Group T)

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
6242BH Cable, 2C&E LSZH 1.5mmWhite
6242BH Cable, 2C&E LSZH, 100m Reel 1.5mmWhite
6242BH Cable, 2C&E LSZH 2.5mmWhite
6242BH Cable, 2C&E LSZH, 100m Reel 2.5mmWhite

At Draka, we fully understand the importance of fire performance cables. This is why we are deeply committed to a policy of ongoing product development through investment in innovation. This is not just because we want our products and range to be consistently improved, so that they are better able to satisfy your needs, but because we understand that lives are at stake and that the performance and effectiveness of our products can help prevent loss of life.

Draka Firetuf

In short, at Draka we know that the safety of occupants and users of public, commercial and industrial premises is of paramount importance. One factor that can play a key role in making buildings and occupants safer is the appropriate use of fire performance cables for critical safety systems, including fire alarms, emergency lighting, PA systems, CCTV systems and other emergency power supplies.
Moreover, the correct selection and installation of these vital safety cables ensures that, in the event of an emergency, systems can continue to function and people will have time to leave the building safely, as well as helping the emergency services to operate effectively. A perfect example of how our policy of continuous innovation produces better, even more effective products, is the introduction of Firetufplus, which provides enhanced cable performance with all the benefits associated with pliable alarm cable.
Firetuf cables set the standards for others to follow.