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Splice Butts

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
CB6 Splice, Butt 6mmCopper
CB10 Splice, Butt 10mmCopper
CB16 Splice, Butt 16mmCopper
CB25 Splice, Butt 25mmCopper
CB35 Splice, Butt 35mmCopper
CB50 Splice, Butt 50mmCopper
CB70 Splice, Butt 70mmCopper
CB95 Splice, Butt 95mmCopper
CB120 Splice, Butt 120mmCopper
CB150 Splice, Butt 150mmCopper
CB185 Splice, Butt 185mmCopper
CB240 Splice, Butt 240mmCopper
CB300 Splice, Butt 300mmCopper
CB400 Splice, Butt 400mmCopper
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Terminal, Butt Splice
27A 600VCopper Blue
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Terminal, Butt Splice
19A 600VCopper Red
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Terminal, Butt Splice
48A 600VCopper Yellow


Deligo Ltd

Fixings, fasteners and accessories for the electrical wholesaler.

Deligo is a UK based supplier to the Electrical Wholesale and distribution trades. Our proven ranges are price-targeted to ensure our customers can compete on level terms with specialist fixing companies and web sites.