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Basket Mesh Tray & Accessories

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Bolt Cutters, Basket
BKCB20-25 Clamp, Basket Zinc Plated
BKMP65 Plate, Mounting for Basket 65mmZinc Plated
BKMP90 Plate, Mounting for Basket 90mmZinc Plated
BKSH Clamp, Basket Side Suspension Hanger Zinc Plated
BKSTP270 Strap, Slotted Steel Straight 270x20x2.5mmSteel Plated
BKSTP1000 Strap, Slotted Steel Straight 1000x20x2.5mmSteel Plated
CPUZF Clamp, Hold Down for EC60.060EZ Zinc Plated
EC30.060EZ Wire Basket 30x60mmx3mZinc Plated
EC30.100EZ Wire Basket 30x100mmx3mZinc Plated
EC30.150EZ Wire Basket 30x150mmx3mZinc Plated
EC30.200EZ Wire Basket 30x200mmx3mZinc Plated
EC30.300EZ Wire Basket 30x300mmx3mZinc Plated
EC60.060EZ-6W Wire Basket 60x60mmx3mZinc Plated
EC60.100EZ Wire Basket 60x100mmx3mZinc Plated
EC60.150EZ Wire Basket 60x150mmx3mZinc Plated
EC60.200EZ Wire Basket 60x200mmx3mZinc Plated
EC60.300EZ Wire Basket 60x300mmx3mZinc Plated
EC60.400EZ Wire Basket 60x400mmx3mZinc Plated
EC60.450EZ Wire Basket 60x450mmx3mZinc Plated
EC60.500EZ Wire Basket 60x500mmx3mZinc Plated
EC60.600EZ Wire Basket 60x600mmx3mZinc Plated
EC100.150EZ Wire Basket 100x150mmx3mZinc Plated
EC100.200EZ Wire Basket 100x200mmx3mZinc Plated
EC100.300EZ Wire Basket 100x300mmx3mZinc Plated
EC100.400EZ Wire Basket 100x400mmx3mZinc Plated
EC100.500EZ Wire Basket 100x500mmx3mZinc Plated
EC100.600EZ Wire Basket 100x600mmx3mZinc Plated
ENTSZ Support, Basket, Omega Spacer Zinc Plated
FASEZ Clamp, Basket Support Zinc Plated
INVSO Support, Basket, for Omega Zinc Plated
MAT Earth Clamp, for Basket Zinc Plated
MCLIC-ZF-3.9 Clip, Basket Fast Fix up to 3.9 Wire Zinc Plated
MCLIC-ZF-4.3 Clip, Basket Fast Fix up to 4.3 Wire Zinc Plated
MCLIC-ZF-4.8 Clip, Basket Fast Fix, up to 4.6 to 4.8 Wire Zinc Plated
PSA30SZ Bracket, Support Wall/Box for Basket 30mmZinc Plated
PS60SG Bracket, Support Wall/Box for Basket 60mmZinc Plated
PS60ZF Bracket, Support Universal Wall for Basket Zinc Plated
SC-S Plate, Cable Drop-out for Basket Zinc Plated
SC6CH Support, Basket, Central Hanger 6mm Hole Zinc Plated
SC6EZ Clamp, Hold Down, for 100-600mm Basket Zinc Plated
SC8CH Support, Basket, Central Hanger 8mm Hole Zinc Plated
SC8EZ Clamp, Hold Down, for 100-600mm Basket Zinc Plated
SC10CH Support, Basket, Central Hanger 10mm Hole Zinc Plated
SC10EZ Clamp, Hold Down, for 100-600mm Basket Zinc Plated
SD60SZ Bracket, Clic Stand-Off for Basket-60m Zinc Plated
SD100SZ Bracket, Clic Stand-Off for Basket-100m Zinc Plated
SD150SZ Bracket, Clic Stand-Off for Basket-150m Zinc Plated
SD200SZ Bracket, Clic Stand-Off for Basket-200m Zinc Plated
SD300SZ Bracket, Clic Stand-Off for Basket-300m Zinc Plated
SD400SZ Bracket, Clic Stand-Off for Basket-400m Zinc Plated
SEP30SZ Support, Clic Divider for Basket 30mmZinc Plated
SEP60SZ Support, Clic Divider for Basket 60mmZinc Plated
SEP100SZ Support, Clic Divider for Basket 100mmZinc Plated
SESZ Bracket, Clic Support Wall for Basket 60mmZinc Plated
SOA10SZ Support, Clic Omega Universal, for Basket 100mmZinc Plated
SOA15SZ Support, Clic Omega Universal, for Basket 150mmZinc Plated
SOA20SZ Support, Clic Omega Universal, for Basket 200mmZinc Plated
SOA30SZ Support, Clic Omega Universal, for Basket 300mmZinc Plated
SOA40SZ Support, Clic Omega Universal, for Basket 400mmZinc Plated
SOA50SZ Support, Clic Omega Universal, for Basket 500mmZinc Plated
SOA60SZ Support, Clic Omega Universal, for Basket 600mmZinc Plated
SOC10SZ Support, Clic Wall for Basket 100mmZinc Plated
SOC15SZ Support, Clic Wall for Basket 150mmZinc Plated
SOC20SZ Support, Clic Wall for Basket 200mmZinc Plated
SOC30SZ Support, Clic Wall for Basket 300mmZinc Plated
SOC40SZ Support, Clic Wall for Basket 400mmZinc Plated
SOPC10SZ Support, Clic Ceiling for Basket 100mmZinc Plated
SOPC15SZ Support, Clic Ceiling for Basket 150mmZinc Plated
SOPC20SZ Support, Clic Ceiling for Basket 200mmZinc Plated
SOPC30SZ Support, Clic Ceiling for Basket 300mmZinc Plated
SPSDVJB Support, Divider Clamp for Basket Zinc Plated
UFC41M Clamp, Basket Mesh To Channel Fastener Zinc Plated
UUEZ Plate, Universal Connector for Basket Zinc Plated


Unitrunk is firmly established as the UK’s leading manufacturer of innovative cable management solutions.

With a 50 year pedigree and reputation for designing and supplying high quality cable management systems - the company operates from manufacturing centres in Northern Ireland and Warrington and provides customers with unmatched local service through a unique network of fully stocked branches across the UK and Ireland.

A decentralised approach allows Unitrunk to offer first class customer service and stock availability - backed up by the largest cable management specific sales and commercial network in the UK.

Unitrunk RIS (Rapid Installation Systems) lead the way in innovative product design and offer incredible installation benefits. By re-engineering standard products to dramatically reduce the reliance on labour intensive conventional fixings, RIS cable management systems are installed more quickly, more safely and at lower cost than ever before.

With fewer components to purchase and fit, less packaging to dispose of and guaranteed, dramatic installation time savings, RIS products bring significant benefits to everyone in the supply chain. These systems are well thought out, cleverly designed and manufactured from high quality materials to ensure they stand out as genuinely innovative.

Unitrunk is fully committed to UK manufacturing and has recently installed and commissioned the first fully automated robotic folding cell in the industry to reinforce an already impressive supply capability. Continual investment in the development of systems and personnel ensures that customers can rely on the products and service they need to compete in today’s highly competitive industrial and commercial environment.

Unitrunk offers fully accredited training to every sector of the industry via CIBSE and CPD recognised courses. Product specific training modules are also offered covering topics such as cutting & forming steel wire tray systems – these unique courses deliver valuable, practical content and are backed up by certification to ensure a high level of compliance to H&S requirements.

Highly specified both here in the UK and more widely around the world, you can rely on Unitrunk to deliver in terms of product, service and support.

With a unique range and support network - whether you are the client, the specifier, the distributor or the installer on the project site, you can be assured that Unitrunk is never too far away.