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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
AO21BL Overflow, To Wast Clamp 21.5mmBlack PP
FBP3WH Pipe, Flexible Waste Smooth Bore 32mmx3mWhite PP
FBP6WH Pipe, Flexible Waste Smooth Bore 32mmx6mWhite PP
FCP3WH Pipe, Flexible Waste Smooth Bore 40mmx3mWhite PP
FCP6WH Pipe, Flexible Waste Smooth Bore 40mmx6mWhite PP
FCW6WH Connector, Spigot to Push-Fit Waste 40mmWhite PP
FCW30WH Connector, Flexible Waste Spigot to Spigot, Push-Fit Waste 40x365mmWhite PP
FSBW6WH Connector, Spigot to Solvent-Weld Waste 32mmWhite PP
FSCW6WH Connector, Spigot to Solven-Weld Waste 40mmWhite PP
FSCW30WH Connector, Flexible Waste Spigot to Spigot, Fabricated Length 40x365mmWhite PP
S89BL Blanking Plug, Internal 110mmBlack PP
S117BL Overflow, To Soil Adaptor 32/21.5mmBlack PP
S117GR Overflow, To Soil Adaptor 32/21.5mmGrey PP
S170WH Connector, Flexible Pan Long, Universal Compr 110mmWhite PVC-U
S171WH Connector, Flexible Pan Short, Universal Compr 110mmWhite PP
S172WH Connector, Flexible Pan Extra Short 110mmWhite PVC-U
S408GR Gully, Floor 110mmGrey Vinyl
S409GR Gully, Floor 50mmGrey Vinyl
S460BL Reducer, Internal 110x32/40mmBlack PP
S462BL Reducer, Internal 110x50mmBlack PP
S464BL Connector, Drain 110mmBlack PVC
S464GR Connector, Drain 110mmGrey PP
S951BL Soakaway, Condensate 21.5mmBlack PP