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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
AAF0244 Cleat, DWFX-C Top for Stud, Partition/Dry Wall Fixing
CBTN00591 Link, Mechanical Fusible for Mode 1 72C
CONFIG OPTION Option, Configuration Factory Fitted, Motor Travel Stop Mid Position
DNNN00293 Release, Replacement Electrical Thermal 95C
DNNN00319 Release, Replacement Electrical Thermal 120C
DNNN00359 Release, Replacement Electrical Thermal 72C
DNNN00395 Blanking Plate, for Electrical Thermal Release
DPNN00412 Indicator, Damper Status Box 24V AC/DC
DPNN00413 Indicator, Damper Status Box 230V AC
XNNN00010 Tester, Damper 24V AC/DC
XNNN00305 Tester, Damper 120V AC
XNNN00308 Indicator, Damper Status Box 120V AC
XNNN00309 Controller, Damper Unit 24V AC/DC
XNNN00310 Controller, Damper Unit 120V AC
XNNN00311 Controller, Damper Unit 230V AC
XNNN00312 Connector, Damper Box Multi-Voltage, AC/DC
XNNN00313 Controller, Damper Unit Mode 5, 2 Position 24V AC/DC
XNNN00314 Controller, Damper Unit Mode 6, 2 Position 230V AC
XNNN00315 Monitor, and Control Station Mode 5, 3 Position 24V AC/DC
XNNN00587 Mounting, Reverse Assembly
XNNN00589 Module, Damper Release & Indication
XNNN00592 Indicator, Damper Status Box Mode 1
XNNN00599 Monitor, and Control Station Mode 5, 3 Position 230V AC
XNNN00647 Indicator, Damper Status Box Mode 1 24V DC
XNNN00883 Kit, Travel Stop for Mid Position, Air Balancing