Walraven launches new and improved 2S Clamp range


At Walraven, innovation is in our DNA. In 1942 Jan van Walraven, founder of our company, was fascinated by the beauty of the paperclip.

To this day, a core element of our company culture is the way that we constantly strive for simple, yet smart solutions. This is how we feel about our range of pipe clamps. On the face of it they are simple products, but we know how important it is for even the smallest part to do its job properly and make work easier and more effective for installers.

So, we constantly look at ways we can improve our current product ranges, with the customer in mind. For example, by adding dimensions to a range, optimising the quick closing mechanism, enhancing the rubber lining, etc, we can deliver seemingly small changes that can make a big difference to the users of our products.

By making some small improvements to our existing 2S clamps, we have made our standard 2 screw clamp offering even better.

New 2S clamps – market competitive, top quality range

We wanted to improve the market competitiveness of this product without compromising on quality. By making some small but significant product changes, we have been able to deliver an improved quality product with a more competitive pricing structure.

The main enhancements we have made to this range are:

  • Adding new sizes so we now have a complete, gapless range covering pipe Ø 10 – 225mm
  • Optimised the steel design for added strength
  • Obtained RAL GZ-655 approval for medium loads
  • Improved pricing structure for wholesalers


Other features and benefits remain including:

 Screws secured with anti-loss washers for easier installation
 Both lined and unlined clamps available
 Unlined 2S tested and approved for use with phenolic insulation blocks
 Steel clamps with zinc plated finish

Type of pipe

The new 2S clamps are suitable for use with the following pipe types:

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Plastic (multi-layer)

Want to find out more?

Visit www.walraven.com/en/2s-clamps for more information