Tinned Earth Bars


Earth bars provide a convenient common earthing point for electrical installations - copper earth bars are available with single or twin disconnecting links which means the earth bars can be isolated for testing.

tinned earth bar 1

Tinned earth bars could be used in external applications or where atmospheric conditions are more severe than normal i.e. high moisture content areas. Tinning protects the copper and protects the earth bars from the formation of copper oxide, tin effectively prevents oxidation!

Why Should Earth Bars Be Tinned?

Tin, a soft white metal can easily be polished, scratch brushed or flow melted to give a bright finish. It is non-toxic and is not greatly affected by the organic acids. Sulphur compounds do not readily tarnish tin. It is not impaired by either air or water, but reacts with hydrochloric acid to form stannous chloride. Tin is one of the less susceptible metals to corrosion attack. Tin-plated copper earth bars protects against atmospheric corrosion and hence provides longer life when exposed to corrosive atmospheres.

Tin plating is an excellent solution practically speaking, because it protects the copper, increases longevity and has reasonably low resistance. A tinned earth bar resists water corrosion and provides enhanced conductivity, due to its improved water resistance. Tinned copper earth bars are often used in various marine projects.

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Pictured: 6 Way Tinned Earth Bars c/w Single Disconnecting Link manufactured and ready for dispatch