The Brand of Choice


Today, with the ever-changing use of the internet, we have to ask ourselves, as Kingsmill Industries, what makes us different from other companies within the industry? What makes us the brand of choice? It’s a fair question, given the fact, that from a material standpoint, we offer similar products to some of our competitors. But in the world that we live in today, the product has simply become one part of the equation when selecting a brand or device to use in your project. Other variables have become essentially as important as the product itself.


This change in the equation has given us an opportunity to really shine and explain just how different we are from the rest of the market, and why Kingsmill Industries is the brand of choice.

Some of you might know that originally, Kingsmill Industries UK Ltd. was started as a family company, and as a family company, certain values were instilled as part of our heritage. Those values included, commitment, quality, dedication and loyalty, and as we grew within the industry, those values became a core part of our identity delivering on how we aim to be the brand of choice.

Our how serves to continually produce high quality products despite the industry change to produce offers of lesser quality. We are continuously committed to serve an overall different experience that provides fast, flexible, and customer focused products and services. This derives from the passion that we have to be part of this changing industry, and the passion in our work is evident. We always striving to deliver the best range of products for any Earthing or Lightning Protection System. We are not afraid to embrace innovation and provide with you the best of the best. All our products are always adapting to make it easier for you.

Not only do we want to provide you with the best product, but we are committed to explaining all the technical details of just how to use them. Take a look at our 340 page Kingsmill Industries Catalogue, that gives you great depth into all our products and applications. It’s like an encyclopedia for Earthing and Lightning Protection, but it’s important that we are clear and transparent with you. You are always on our mind, so we are always evolving to help educate and provide tips and tricks about all the ins and outs of this industry. We even started our own blog this year, Down to Earth to share from top management their know-how and experience regarding our products and the industry itself.

Another aspect we pride ourselves in is our dedicated staff. From our employees that work the factory floors to our employees in different sectors of management, our staff is really the heart and soul of our mission to provide with you a multitude of reasons to think of us when you start your projects. We are dependable, and we are always ready to go the extra mile, whether it is to dispatch material so it arrives earlier, or to solve any issues you might be experiencing with your system. Our staff is well-educated and always enthusiastic to share any news or information regarding our products. We frequently receive compliments about how easy and friendly we are to deal with, and that’s important not only for you, but for us.

We value all our relationships that we have with our clients and suppliers, and they have become part of the Kingsmill Industries’ family. This aspect differentiates us from others in the market, as we care to build a family with our relationships. That means that, we aren’t afraid to give you the good and the bad. We tell it like it is, which is quite rare in the market, but our aim is to build a long lasting relationship with you. Another positive aspect to being family, is that our customers are so highly valued, that our doors, often after hours, are always open for you. Try contacting our competitors’ management, never-mind senior management after work hours, and we are sure it won’t be the same result! Our loyalty to you is clear, and that once again gives you just an idea on how we differ.

Now, we that we have talked about our values, let’s open up and talk more from a day to day basis, just how seriously we work to be the brand of choice.

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