Introducing the starQuick® fixing system


starQuick® – the plastic pipe clamp with a difference!

This versatile pipe clip can be used to quickly and securely install multiple pipe runs for heating and plumbing installations. Suitable for lightweight pipework Ø 10-65mm, this pipe clamp comes with a full range of accessories to enable easy fixing to any substrate, to rail or strut and to threaded rod. A truly versatile solution! 


When a basic plastic pipe clamp isn’t enough!

The clamp is made from Polyamide (PA6) which means it has many special properties making it suitable for more demanding environments. It is:

  • corrosion-free
  • UV resistant
  • anti-ageing
  • oil and petrol resistant
  • halogen free
  •  recyclable
  • temperature resistant from approx. -40°c to +90°c (constant, or +130°c intermittent)

Therefore, it is suitable for corrosive environments both indoors and outdoors, and specialist environments like swimming pools and chemical factories. The standard product is grey in colour, but it is also available in white or copper colour if aesthetics are important in your installation.


A range of accessories to make installation easier

The full range of accessories available with the starQuick® plastic pipe clamp are what really makes it unique. To make installation easier we supply fixings to allow the starQuick to be quickly and easily fixed to all substrates, rails and rods. Whether you have multiple pipe runs close together, need distance blocks for special fixing distances from the surface, or simply need to fix directly to a surface, we have the accessory you need.

Why should I try the starQuick® range?

Here’s a quick reminder of the main features and benefits of this plastic pipe clip:

  • a self-closing clamp for quick and easy fixing
  • for all pipe types Ø 10 – 65mm
  • ideal for heating and plumbing installations
  • made of Polyamide (PA6) so it is suitable for corrosive and specialist environments
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • versatile product for fixing pipes to any substrate, strut, rail and threaded rod

Request a sample pack

We have sample packs available which include both the starQuick® pipe clamps and the full range of accessories. To really appreciate the value of this fixing system you should try it for yourself! Visit www.walraven.com/en/starquick/