Rolec EV Charge Points Meet New 18th Edition Regulations



Rolec EV has confirmed that its entire range of Electric Vehicle charging points have been developed to meet and comply with the new IET 18th Edition Wiring Regulations that come into force on 1stJanuary 2019.

Kieron Alsop, Rolec EV’s Managing Director, commented: “As the manufacturer of Europe’s largest range of EV charging points and solutions, the last 6 months has been a busy period for our Engineering department.

“Our Engineers have been designing a variety of new internal components for introduction into our EV charging range in order to comply with the forthcoming 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

“These new components have been designed in keeping with the traditional Rolec direction, whereby every component within our charging points can be easily removed and replaced onsite by a maintenance engineer - therefore keeping any potential downtime to a minimum.

“The recent regulation changes called for all charge points to now include specific levels of DC sensitive protection, as well as a facility to connect the charging point to a TT earthing system.”

Kieron continued: “After careful consideration, we decided that all Rolec EV charge points installed from 1st January 2019 would include the new DC sensitive device and TT earthing facility as standard. This means that anybody installing a Rolec EV charging point will have the peace of mind and confidence in knowing that it fully complies with all current regulations.

“A key benefit of including the regulation updates within our charging points is that the actual installation costs are kept to a minimum by avoiding having to purchase and install expensive DC sensitive RCD protection at source.

“Another benefit with the design of the modular DC sensitive device is that it can be easily and quickly fitted to pre 18th edition EV charging points.”

• For more information about the new regulations, or any of Rolec EV’s charging range, please call 01205 724754 or email rolec@rolecserv.co.uk