Rolec EV introduces The 5-in-1 ev charging pedestal


5  in 1

Rolec EV has designed and recently introduced AutoCharge EV, a versatile electric vehicle charging pedestal which has the ability to provide 5 different charging solutions to suit every possible requirement and location.

The AutoCharge: EV Pedestal is said by Rolec to be the most versatile EV charging pedestal on the market - offering a variety of Free-to-Use and Pay-to-Charge options.

Managing Director of Rolec, Kieron Alsop, commented: “The AutoCharge EV charging pedestal is, we believe, unique to the EV charging industry, offering a true future-proof charging solution which provides the host with the ability to install a single charging pedestal that can offer five different Free-to-Charge or Pay-to-Charge solutions.”

Alsop continued: “As well as the AutoCharge Pedestal having the potential for five different charging solutions, it has also been designed to be upgradable. The host can install the entry level version, offering the EV driver a Free-to-Charge solution and, at a later stage, easily upgrade to one of the Pay-to-Charge solutions without the necessity to replace the pedestal itself.”

5-in-1 EV Charging - How it Works

The host chooses one of the following options for their AutoCharge EV Pedestal:

  • Free-to-Use
    This gives unrestricted EV charging - suitable for almost every location.
  • Keyswitch Control
    A key is provided in order to activate the charging socket, a great solution for providing secure access to staff, members, etc.
  • Coin/TokenMaster
    Provides a pre-determined EV charging period, activated using a coin/token. Very popular with hotels, residential parking areas, etc.
  • GroupManager
    The EV driver is issued with an RFID card/fob which is then used to activate EV charge points within a private network. Charging information is then fed back to a cloud-based management system for billing, data collection, analytics, etc.
  • EV Charge Online
    Rolec’s flagship open networked EV charging system, whereby all EV drivers are able to pay for - and control - EV charging via their mobile phone. Connectivity is provided by Vodafone, and the user can Pay-To-Charge using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal.
  • For more information about Rolec’s AutoCharge units, or any of its other EV charging solutions or accessories, call 01205 724754, email rolec@rolecserv.co.uk go to www.rolecserv.com or contact your local electrical wholesaler.