The Next Generation of Heating Controls


radbot trv boost

Radbot 1 is the next generation of intelligent heating controls. It works by monitoring changes in light and humidity. It uses this information to build a pattern of occupancy to then heat a room if you are in it, and automatically lower the temperature if the room is vacant, saving money and energy.

Radbot 1 has a host of different features:

  • Easy installation – simple replacement for standard TRVs

  • Fully automated – No Wi-Fi, app, or setting schedules needed

  • Comfort boost button – 30 minutes of maximum heat

  • Compatibility – Works with any wet central heating system using radiators

  • Zonal control – Room by room control

  • Protection – Frost and humidity detection and automatic maintenance

Radbot 1 is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to achieve Part L compliance. It can also be used to upgrade existing dwellings to meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) regulations or Net Zero EPC targets.

Radbot 1 is low cost and has an incredible return on investment. It is easy to install, with no plumbing or wiring needed, and once installed, needs no further adjustments. It works without needing an app or Wi-Fi. Simply install, set, and forget. It will track room usage and work to save money and energy.

Radbot 1 also comes with a 7-year no quibbles warranty, and a 2-year battery life.

If you would like to place an order or to get in touch with us directly, please email sales_uk@securemeters.com/t_blank.