Arc Fault Detection Devices



Available from 6 A up to 40 A, 30mA Type A earth leakage sensitivity; the Proteus AFDD offers complete circuit protection – protecting against earth leakage, overcurrent, short circuit and arc fault scenarios.

Arc Fault Detection Devices are recommended as a means of providing additional protection against fire. Regulation 421.1.7 has been introduced, recommending the installation of arc fault detection devices (AFDDs) to mitigate the risk of fire in AC final circuits of a fixed installation.

Where required, AFDDs should be fitted in Consumer Units in premises with sleeping accommodation, locations where there is a risk of fire due to the activity within, premises constructed of combustible materials, fire propagating structures such as high-rise buildings and locations where there are irreplaceable goods. Potential causes of arc faults can include; trapped / damaged cables, loose terminations, cable wear or damaged caused by construction work.

The Proteus Single Module AFDD, exclusively available to CEF customers can be fitted into the existing busbar system of any Proteus Consumer Unit. The device offers series and parallel arc fault detection and B or C curve tripping characteristics dependent on the device purchased. Additionally, the Proteus AFDD has a self-testing functionality.

The Proteus Single Module AFDD range are available now via CEF – in-store or online. If you have any enquiries regarding this range of products, please contact our sales office on 01527 517117 or send us an email on cons@proteusswitchgear.co.uk.