Marshall-Tufflex updates Underfloor to Desk Solutions literature


underfloor to desk solutions

Cable management specialist Marshall-Tufflex has updated its ‘Underfloor to Desk Solutions’ literature to include details of its new heavy-duty raised floor boxes and other product updates.

The new 24-page brochure, available from www.marshall-tufflex.com, outlines the British manufacturer’s comprehensive range of underfloor to desk cable management and prefabricated wiring systems and fittings developed for fast, easy and adaptable installation.

The systems distribute power and data services from beneath raised access floors and in-screed systems. Several wiring options are available including the MT32 prefabricated technology that provides seamless connection from the incoming feed to the desktop. Desk units and power modules complete the offer.

The new literature also details changes to the range of accessory plates for use within raised floor boxes and in-screed floor outlet boxes, which are changing to a galvanised steel finish to match perfectly with the finish of the floor boxes.

Powertrack is a comprehensive range of 63Amp underfloor power delivery units. Marshall-Tufflex was the first UK manufacturer to achieve ASTA certification for the short circuit testing of its system and fittings. Testing was conducted by global specialist Intertek in accordance with BS EN 61534-22:2009 Clauses 15.4,, &