Linian launches new user friendly website


LINIAN has launched a new user-friendly, interactive website, making it easier for you to find the right LINIAN products for any installation. 

new website graphic

When we set up the original LINIAN website, we only had one product (the FireClip). The website was informative and presented our brand values and products to a broad audience which later became part of our amazing LINIAN community. The website was okay. It did the job. But, as many of you will know, at LINIAN, we don't believe in settling for okay!

So, we have created a brand-new IMPROVED website making it easier for you to find the right LINIAN products and information to help you save time, save money, and save lives!

So, why release a new website now?

Since the launch of our first website, a lot has changed:

- The LINIAN product range has grown from 1 to over 135 products!

- We have improved and developed our branding with a new logo, brand assets and packaging.

- The company introduced two new services – LINIAN Labs and Small Parts Coating.

- LINIAN products are now the preferred method of installation and used globally.

Consequently, our team (and our customers) recognised the need for a new, easier to navigate website to assist our growing UK and international audience.

We have taken on board our customers' input and feedback and, we’re proud to launched new site designed and built from scratch by local a web design company, Spectre Creative, and the LINIAN team. 

The redesigned website has a new look and improved functionality for easier browsing and a more engaging experience. The design also provides a clear overview of our values, products, services, and how we collaborate with clients to support and advance the electrotechnical sector. 

Moreover, the new website will make our product ranges easily accessible to international installers without access to a local wholesaler in their territory.

We are excited to share it with you and hope you will love it as much as we do!

Features and benefits:

1. Simplified navigation and better functionality - We built simple navigation focussing on user-centred design to assist you in finding products, certification, stockists, or any other information quickly.

2. Becoming a featured LINIAN stockist is easier than ever! Wholesalers can discover all the necessary information on the ‘Become a Stockist’ page and create an account with LINIAN by simply filling out a form.

3. Product Selector Tool – A drop menu for users to shop specific ranges. As mentioned above, we now have more than 135 products! Now you can access products with ease thanks to this function. Just click the size or type of cable/conduit you are installing, and the product selector will show the suitable LINIAN product for your installation.

4. Latest news – You can find all LINIAN announcements and industry news on the improved blog page.

Moreover, the new look is incredible if we say so ourselves!

Louise Spokes, Marketing Manager, LINIAN, is delighted with the new website. She said: 

“Our brand-new website is user-focused, making it simple and enjoyable to browse LINIAN online! The new features improve user experience and enable worldwide shopping for LINIAN products.”

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback. There are a few more features to be added to the innovation and team pages and as always, we will be making further improvements as needed. If you have any comments/suggestions, contact us at info@linianclip.co.uk.

Check out the new website now. We made it with you in mind!