Dramatic savings with the new LED Smart[4]


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With organisations increasingly committed to reducing energy consumption and compulsory energy audits for larger companies on the horizon, the rush is on to source energy-saving solutions.  Replacing traditional, power-hungry fluorescent lighting systems with low energy LED systems yields cost and energy savings that cannot be ignored.

To meet this need, GEWISS, a leader in electrical solutions and lighting, has launched Smart [4] - a range of LED luminaires that take full advantage of the positive features of sustainable LED technology, combining optimum lighting performance with excellent energy cost savings:  comfortably in excess of 50% and, depending on the installation, an investment pay-back possible in just 12 months. 

In addition, Smart [4] is a fit-and-forget solution, requiring no routine maintenance; again saving money and minimising inconvenience; especially useful for hard-to-reach high bay areas. 

Smart[4] has been engineered for fast and easy installation, comparable to conventional relamping.  It is versatile; for example, it can be transformed from floodlight to low bay and high bay configurations, offering different performance levels according to the context.

The practicality of this advanced lighting system guarantees maximum lighting performance in any area of application, from industrial to sports environments, indoor or outdoor.

Designed around the LED.

And that's not all. While a number of LED luminaires are simply conventional fittings converted to accommodate an LED chip, Smart[4] is designed around the LED.  Christian Mazzola, lighting division manager for Gewiss explains: ‘The design aim was to exploit the specific benefits of power LED lamps: lightweight, practical and resilient emitting high quality light for visual comfort. The end product combines innovative technology enclosed in an attractive, slim-line, non-corrosive case, and delivers superior lighting performance levels.’

Award-Winning Technology

Smart [4] was officially launched by Gewiss Group at Light & Building in Frankfurt earlier this year, and the range has already received the Socoda Award for its energy-efficiency , from a leading European network of independent wholesalers.
A high-quality luminaire, offering quick and easy installation, high energy savings and hence a rapid return on investment: in a nutshell, these are the characteristics that make Smart[4] a truly attractive industrial lighting solution.
For technical information about Smart [4] call Gewiss on t: 01954 712 757 or email technical@gewiss.co.uk

About Gewiss

GEWISS is a leading manufacturer of over 20,000 innovative electrical solutions, including: wiring accessories, such as circuit protection and isolation, industrial plugs, sockets and connection systems, enclosures, and cable management and containment; lighting, for industrial, floodlighting, street and decorative applications, and home automation.

Each product made by Gewiss combines exceptional quality, innovation and engineering, designed to make life easier for the installer, and optimised for its application and environment.

With its headquarters and main manufacturing plant in Italy, Gewiss operates worldwide, in over 80 markets across 5 continents. Gewiss is a truly international brand with a formidable heritage.

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