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Lattice Copper Earth Mats are placed in the ground and used as an earth electrode as part of an earthing network.

They can be used where step & touch potential could cause problems, or in standard earthing situations where the ground is difficult to penetrate with a standard earth rod.

The Lattice Copper Earth Mat can withstand significant amounts of fault current so should be used where this could be encountered.

"Kingsmill Lattice Copper Earth Mats are generally used where step & touch potential could be a problem"

Lattice Copper Earth Mats are often used in conjunction with Marconite or Bentonite and when done so provide a long lasting reliable earthing solution.

Kingsmill Lattice Copper Earth Mats are manufactured from 25x3mm soft drawn copper tape & riveted together with copper rivets.

Standard sizes available from stock - 900x900x3mm (LCEM930) & 600x600x3mm (LCEM630)

Connecting to a Lattice Copper Earth Mat - The most common size earthing conductor is 25x3mm copper tape, in order to connect this to the Lattice Mat a square tape clamp is required. This would just be treated as a standard 25x3mm to 25x3mm tape joint.

If any other size or type of conductor is used then we can assist you in connecting. There are various options for connecting to the Lattice Mat; Connection points, Clamps, Bolts & Lugs or we can supply the Lattice Mat with a "pre-welded tail" - Conductor already permanently welded to the Lattice Copper Earth Mat (Copper Tape or Copper Cable in tail lengths of your choice)

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We are proud to say that we manufacture all of our Lattice Copper Earth Mats in our UK factory. Here at Kingsmill we have the ability and expertise to manufacture any size or type of Lattice Mat required, if you require an "unusual" size, have a bespoke requirement or require Lattice Mats c/w tails then please contact our sales office by phone or email to discuss further.