Sollysta Decorative Twin USB Socket


Available in many variations including, brushed steel, polished steel, polished brass and black nickel.

There is also an option to have our Decorative USB Sockets with white or black inserts (excluding black nickel).

Our Sollsyta Decorative USB socket also comes with the following features:
Twin charging ports: The USB socket comes with two charging ports capable of delivering a total maximum charging current of 2.4A. This can be delivered to either port, or divided between the two ports as required, and controlled by the devices being charged. The ports are marked 5V ===2.4A.
Intelligent connection: The Sollysta USB socket has built in intelligent connection, enabling the socket to identify itself as the dedicated primary charger for the connected device allowing for maximum charging capacity and improved charging speeds.
Standby power: In standby mode the power consumption is <150mW and the average current (rms) < 1 milli amp.
Can be installed in 35mm back boxes. Where 25mm back boxes are fitted, 10mm spacer WMUSBS should be used.
The USB charger is protected against over-current and short circuit conditions on the output by a non-replaceable fuse. (i.e. the product will fail safe).
Fuse rating: 3.15A/240VAC

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