Reduced Height RCBO Now Available



Created to provide space in our Design range of consumer units, the new device also allows; faster installation, faster testing and easier installation. With its reduced height of just 92mm, extra space is available for the connection of outgoing circuits and for the neutral connection.

The removal of the functional earth reduces the number of connections on the installation as well as removing the need to remove the functional earth whilst carrying insulation resistance testing.

Perhaps more significantly, the removal of the functional earth also removes the challenge of connecting dissimilar conductors in the same terminal in a secure manner.

The RCD part of the RCBO is Type A, which means that the device provides tripping on alternating sinusoidal residual current and pulsating direct current. This means that the RCD is suitable for circuits likely to supply loads with electronic components.

The dual action DIN rail clip allows easy insertion and removal of the RCBO with no requirement to remove the busbar.

Steve York, Residential Market Manager for Hager, believes this product will be a great addition to our protection device range “We’re really pleased to be able to launch our Reduced Height RCBO. This expands the range of residual current devices provided by Hager and gives a significant improvement for the installer in terms of ease and speed of installation. At Hager we listen to the feedback from installers and take this into account during the development of new and existing products. For the Reduced Height RCBO the aim was to provide a product which is easier and faster to both install and test and this new device achieves this and more”