Choose your style with Design 50



The latest addition to our award nominated Design Range, Design 50 offers the complete solution to house builder and homeowner.

With aesthetics at its heart, Design 50 provides both installer and homeowner a quality built consumer unit which blends perfectly into any home.

2A changing industry
Changes made to the wiring regulations BS 7671 with Amendment 3 stated that within domestic (household) premises, consumer units and similar switchgear assemblies shall comply with BS EN 61439-3 and have their enclosure manufactured from a non-combustible material (421.1.201).

Part M of the building regulations, updated in October 2015, introduced a regulation with regards to consumer units stating that consumer units should be mounted with the devices situated between 1350-1450mm above floor level.

These changes provided new challenges for the industry. Design 50 answers these and more.

How Design 50 is the solution
Being recessed into the wall reduces Design 50’s physical impact in the home, whilst being manufactured from a non-comustible material ensures compliance with Amendment 3 of the wiring regulations.

Design 50’s innovation lies in its ease of installation. The back box of the unit can be installed as part of the first fix phase of construction, with the chassis being removed during the plastering stage, guaranteeing that there is no possible contamination of the devices or terminals from building debris. The adjustable chassis also ensures that the cover of the unit will always fit correctly to the nominated wall with the internal devices fitting squarely within the units front cover. Its smooth lines and curves provide an attractive look which blends perfectly into a modern home.

The ease of installation at both first and second fix stages means that up to twenty minutes can be saved in installation time.

Design 50 offers a robust and patented safety locking system to allow only essential circuits to be on during construction completion phases, whilst all other circuits are isolated and the door is secured in the closed position. This provides peace of mind to the tradesperson completing the installation and ensures high levels of health safety are met.

Design 50’s revolutionary health and safety locking solution does not require holes to be inserted into the unit’s front cover and keeps the unit secure during a buildings development, allowing for a non electrical tradesperson to remove the lock prior to handover, leaving no trace that it was ever utilised.

3Personalised for you
Design 50 provides the end user with the ability to customise the consumer unit to their preference. Available as standard in white, a bespoke board can be painted with any RAL colour or anodised with a variety of finishes. Unique designs can also be vinyl wrapped onto the board to provide a truly individual unit for each home.

The same Design features you’ve come to know…
Design 50 has the same hallmark features you would expect from a Hager consumer unit. Such as a cable clamp to allow incoming meter tails to be safely secured, rear cable protection plates, a full metal DIN rail, ample cable space for fitting RCBO’s and grommet strip included as standard.

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