GEWISS Sets a New Benchmark in Industrial Connection Systems



GEWISS extends its successful IEC 309 HIGH PERFORMANCE plugs and connectors, introducing new 63 and 125A rated versions

For over 40 years, GEWISS has manufactured and sold more than 100 million socket-outlets and plugs, establishing itself as leading partner to the electro-technical community.

GEWISS' IEC 309 HIGH PERFORMANCE range is a high-end industrial connection system that delivers outstanding performance, functionality and technical features. The range boasts a fully comprehensive group of products to meet even the most demanding industrial connection requirement, while making installation even faster and easier.


GEWISS’ IEC 309 High Performance range offers an IP protection rating that exceeds the electrical industry’s standards, tested to IP69 - the only connector to have this degree of protection.

An IP68 rating allows immersion in water up to 20 metres and IP69 prevents any water infiltration even against pressure wash jets and high temperatures. This level of performance is key within certain industry segments, including the automotive sector.


The High Performance range has now been expanded, adding 63-125A versions to the existing 16A and 32A mobile plugs, mobile and flush-mounting socket-outlets.  The range offers IP44 and IP66/67/68/69 degree of protection, for both the fast wiring (screwless) and screw wiring versions. 

The new 63-125A versions contain mantle terminals that clamp the cable between two plates.  This type of terminal offers excellent quality and reliability as it provides a larger contact surface, resulting in a highly secure connection even against vibration. This terminal can house any type of cable, and maintains the life-span of the cable.

In addition, the higher amp connectors have been designed using over-moulding, a manufacturing process where one individual part is moulded over another to create a single part. This enhances the ergonomic benefits of the product - improving comfort for the installer.

GEWISS’ connectors offer all earth hours, to extend the possible applications; with specific versions for harsh and complex installations. The plugs and connectors are extremely quick and simple to assemble and wire.  The range is one of the best, designed to provide all round reliability and effectiveness.

The 63-125 amp plugs and sockets offer a variety of polarities, voltages and nominal frequencies suitable for all systems up to 500V. Available with multipliers and adapters, very low voltage versions, plus 90°, straight flush-mounting and 10° surface-mounting versions in IP44 and IP67 watertight versions.

Main features of the IEC 309 High Performance range:

SAFE-LOCK CLOSURE The connectors are closed with a simple ¼ turn, making it quick and easy to assemble, and once closed are completely secure. For even more convenience you can use the same terminal screwdriver as used for conventional wiring. The reinforced technopolymer structure of GEWISS’ SAFE-LOCK system ensures maximum resistance to abrasion and a longer lifespan, eliminating the problems of metal corrosion; making it suitable for harsh environments.

ERGONOMIC AND PRACTICAL The mobile socket-outlet covers are ergonomically designed, making them safe and simple to open. The covers can be opened using just one hand, again offering practical and simple connection for the installer.  A useful cable eyelet moulded into the body of the connectors means they can be conveniently and safely attached to fencing and scaffolding as part of a trailing system.

RAISED EARTH TERMINAL. The new IEC 309 HIGH PROTECTION range has a raised earth terminal in contrast to other terminals. If a connection cable is accidentally pulled out, the earth cable will be the last to be released, preventing the user from getting an electric shock and avoiding electrical discharge on devices.

A NEW CABLE CLAMPING SYSTEM. The new external cable clamp, used on all versions, secures the cable and maintains the IP rating. It can easily be closed by hand, without any tools and locked into position, preventing the screws from loosening, even when subject to considerable vibration or mechanical stress. The lock nut is captive and the cable gland can accommodate a range of cables above regulatory requirements, both at the bottom and top to make wiring easier for the installer.

NICKEL-PLATED PINS AND CONTACTS. Pins and contacts are nickel-plated for more efficient contact and resistance to oxidisation: the nickel-plating guarantees maximum product life against aggressive substances, and in harsh applications (eg. marine environments).

SINGLE PACK. Each IEC 309 HP is individually blister-packed. This means the product is stored and delivered in perfect condition. Each blister pack has the bar code of the product, for easy identification by wholesalers and an instruction leaflet.

HALOGEN-FREE. All products are in halogen-free technopolymer conforming to EN50267-2-2, guaranteeing the utmost safety for people and equipment in the case of fire.

For technical information about Smart [4] call Gewiss on t: 01954 712 757 or email technical@gewiss.co.uk

About Gewiss

GEWISS is a leading manufacturer of over 20,000 innovative electrical solutions, including: wiring accessories, such as circuit protection and isolation, industrial plugs, sockets and connection systems, enclosures, and cable management and containment; lighting, for industrial, floodlighting, street and decorative applications, and home automation.

Each product made by Gewiss combines exceptional quality, innovation and engineering, designed to make life easier for the installer, and optimised for its application and environment.

With its headquarters and main manufacturing plant in Italy, Gewiss operates worldwide, in over 80 markets across 5 continents. Gewiss is a truly international brand with a well-established heritage.