Is electric underfloor heating set to become the sustainable alternative to gas central heating?



With rising fuel prices, national net zero targets and changes in building legislation, traditional gas central heating systems are falling out of favour.

For many years, gas-based systems have been the top choice for heating houses, with 85% of British homes using mains gas to keep warm.

However, the shortcomings of gas heating are becoming increasingly evident, with cost and environmental concerns threatening any heating which burns fossil fuels.

So, is this the time when electric underfloor heating takes another step forward as the sustainable heating solution for builders, property developers and homeowners alike?

As part of their efforts to reach ambitious Net Zero targets, the UK government have made a number of legislative changes which are quickly putting gas-based systems out of favour – and ushering electric heating in.

Compared to traditional gas central heating, electric underfloor heating has a number of qualities which make it easier to reduce energy and costs.  Electric underfloor heating is much more controllable, with individual thermostats for each room which ensure heat isn’t wasted. Faster warm up times ensure heating is run for shorter periods.

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