ESP introduces latest AHD technology to its new CCTV offer



Leading security products supplier, ESP (Elite Security Products) Ltd has launched a brand new CCTV collection which introduces the very latest AHD (Analogue High Definition) technology and brings to market a professional, highly affordable CCTV range that delivers superior image quality.

ESP’s comprehensive HDView CCTV Collection comprises a total of 40 new products including 14 High Definition CCTV Kits, 15 Digital Video Recorders and 9 Cameras.

AHD is the most recently developed solution for transmitting full 720P HD digital video in a CCTV surveillance system. The ground-breaking concept of AHD is to deliver high definition video using digital TV (DTV) transmission.  AHD leverages the extremely robust AV transmission capability of DTV to easily and seamlessly upgrade an analogue CCTV surveillance system to digital full HD. 


With AHD, high definition digital video can be transmitted easily over existing coaxial cabling - the same cabling used for existing standard resolution analogue systems.   Cable run limitation is not a problem as AHD cable runs can easily exceed 300m - longer than a standard analogue system’s capability. 

Paul Dawson, managing director of ESP comments:  “The CCTV market has risen exponentially across the globe in recent years due to rising concern for security and safety.  Growing usage of CCTV in various sectors such as hospitality, education and retail for example, has created huge opportunities for CCTV manufacturers, distributors and installers.  At ESP our aim is to continually develop products and systems that adopt the very latest technologies and in doing so equip contractors with everything they need to take advantage of the continued growth in the CCTV sector.

“Although AHD technology is the newest option, it is already the fastest growing and it is expected that AHD will be the de facto standard for digital video surveillance systems both now and in the future.” 


The HDView DVR Range, with options of 4, 8 and 16 Channels, features full network capability - allowing viewing via a smartphone app, internet browser or a PC based content management system (CMS) - and a HDMI output for connection to a CCTV monitor. 

The HDView DVR’s are simple to operate using a mouse controller to navigate through the user-friendly menus, they offer easy back-up facility to a USB stick and they can support AHD 720P cameras and lower resolution analogue cameras, which is useful for upgrading existing systems that may already be installed.

The new HD View Camera Range comprises a collection of 720P HD Bullet Cameras and 720P HD Dome Cameras – all using the Sony AHD chip to provide market-leading day and night vision.  Lens sizes range from 3.6mm to 50mm to accommodate different viewing distances and up to 50M infra-red illumination is achievable for improved night vision.

The DigiviewHD range of 4 and 8 Channel CCTV Kits provide everything required for professional system installations in convenient, boxed units.  Each kit comprises a 4 or 8-channel 720P DVR, Sony 720P bullet or dome cameras, 20M lengths of RG59 shotgun cable, HDMI cable and power supply.  A range of hard drive capacities are available – 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB.

Full details of the HDView CCTV collection are available at www.espuk.com, where a new 20-page Professional True HD CCTV brochure can be downloaded.