Unlimited possibilities for escape route lighting with Emergi-Lite


The ever increasing use of large glass walls in contemporary architecture is setting new requirements in terms of escape route signalisation. Emergi-Lite’s new Guideway and Serenga 2 ranges feature the finest in pictogram and escape route illumination, while their minimalistic designs work in harmony with their surroundings.

Guideway: Optimum light - Minimalistic design


An emergency exit pictogram plate has to be clearly visible to users of the building in daylight. Guideway escape route signalisation illuminates the pictogram plate with a powerful 500 cd/m2. So the even distribution of light provides unprecedented uniformity, with a powerful illumination across the entire surface of pictogram plates.

Guideway unifies optimum light intensity with minimalistic design. The frameless pictogram plate harmonises beautifully with any setting. To ensure optimum harmonisation, you can fit the recessed escape route markings with a round or square metal design cover plate (Both are provided as standard).

Serenga 2: A powerful lighting solution for high ceilings


Our Serenga 2 emergency lighting ensures a powerful solution for high ceiling spaces up to 12 metres. The pre-fitted lens can be used immediately for ceilings from 4 – 8 metres in height. The extra lens supplied as standard can be used on ceilings in excess of 8 metres high.

Serenga 2 responds to demand for stylish, non-permanent illuminated emergency lighting. In addition to the round recessed spot lamp, a square design is now an option. Once it has been fitted, the square luminaire can be rotated a further 10 degrees to the left or right, enabling it to follow ceiling lineation.

John Clare, Emergi-Lite UK product marketing manager added “The development of modern buildings featuring large open spaces using natural light from glass ceilings and walls has meant creating an emergency lighting design that is highly visible when needed, and discreet when not. Our subtle, yet highly effective Guideway and Serenga 2 products are perfect in these types of installations.”

The combination of Guideway and Serenga 2 escape route lighting allows for unlimited possibilities. Both ranges are available in surface mounted, recessed and wall mounted models. With recessed Serenga 2 you can select a round or square design. This will enable you to adapt to square or round surrounding lineation fuss-free and with having to make concessions. Serenga 2 enables escape route lighting up to 12 metres high and offers unprecedented spacing of 23 metres for regular 3 metre ceilings.