Double Pole Compact RCBO



Introducing the brand-new range of double pole Compact RCBOs from Proteus Switchgear, which offers the installer a switched neutral as standard.

Proteus Switchgear’s double pole Compact RCBO is available now in 6 A – 40 A with 30mA Type A tripping sensitivity. The main benefit of using the double pole version of our Compact RCBO is the availability of a switched neutral as standard. Using this device in your install reduces the time spent on insulation resistance testing on site – which is a great advantage for the installer because it increases their efficiency on the job. Not only this, but the double pole Compact RCBO is the size of an MCB and able to be retrofit into the busbar system of any Proteus install from the past 25 years. Additionally, the length of the neutral lead is 800mm as standard which means they are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

For more information on the brand-new range of Proteus Switchgear double pole Compact RCBO, please contact our technical department on 01527 517117 or check out our website www.proteusswitchgear.co.uk.