New High Integrity Consumer Unit


consumer unit

Based upon popular demand, Contactum expands its consumer unit portfolio with a new, 10 Way High Integrity Populated Consumer Unit. Manufactured from HIPS, the unit is supplied completed with a 100A main switch, 2x80A, 30mA RCD’s and 10 miniature circuit breakers.

The unit complies to BS EN600439-3 and offers a smooth, modern design to blend into any environment as well as increasing design and installation flexibility with its built in spirit level and complete, ready to install approach. This makes the unit ideal for new and retrofit installations.

Supplied complete with the following MCB’s;
1x 40A
4x 32A
2x 16A
3x 6A
Product Code: CPDS108P-P

For further information please contact sales@contactum.co.uk