Syncbox demonstrates how to add value, while saving Installers thousands of £££s in time and money!


Syncbox is the world’s only universally adaptable, recessed & covered advanced wiring system for TV, Media, Audio & Power.

It is said “time is money” and this phrase has never been more appropriate when Syncbox carried out a recent time and motion study to demonstrate how apparent this is. A big factor in Syncbox’s success is that it is far superior to the traditional systems / Media Plates currently being installed by most electricians. Syncbox wins in a number of aspects and has proven cost savings on specification, installation, components and labour. Duncan Summers, Managing Partner and Co-Founder said, “Syncbox is completely unique so it is vital that we demonstrate the benefits of using our product from a financial perspective. It is estimated that there will be a 27% cost saving when purchasing a Syncbox versus the traditional existing format. When taking into consideration cost and labour, Syncbox will save over £9,000, based on a 400 unit development with two Syncboxes in each, which is making it hard for business’ to ignore. We have produced a Value Engineering Report to show in detail why you are better off implementing Syncbox.”

Here are 3 typical system layouts that you will find in Single Dwellings or MDU that can be turned into a Syncbox solution. We have also produced an image to show a variety of termination points that can be configured to your specification.

Whether it’s a high level recessed power outlet, low level media input plate or a 7.1 speaker terminal, continuity of the Syncbox systems throughout a project is paramount to achieve a professional finish.

Summers added “Syncbox is now a complete range of products that can be turned into any advanced wiring build, consisting of the four main elements: TV, Media, Audio & Power. Customers are able to adapt the Syncbox to their own unique specification and with large projects we can help with the technical drawings. The UK’s largest and most prestigious house developers such as Crest Nicholson, Redrow & Berkeley Homes are now all using the product, while we are also currently producing Syncbox bespoke technical drawings for over 20 more of the top 50 developers in the UK, Europe and EMEA.”

Another feature that Syncbox are well known for is its ultra slim profile which makes it such an elegant looking product. When installers used Syncbox for the first time they found it impossible to go back to the original layout because of how easy it is to install. Another big advantage of Syncbox is that it provides tidy and protected cabling meaning it’s out of sight from influences and longevity of the system is then guaranteed.

Compared to traditional media outlets, Syncbox is around 50% smaller & thinner thus allowing for a clean professional finish. Contributing to the professional finish of Syncbox is the cover plate which can be painted to any wall finish or matched to other electrical items, giving Syncbox its unique good looks. The standard cover plate is white which is included in each pack as standard. However, the customer may wish to choose their own in which we have a wide variety to choose from. The high-end, prestigious cover plates are known as “Exclusive metal” which are produced by Focus SB and come in 12 colours. In addition, we also offer “Personal Plastic” cover plates that can be painted to match any wall.

Syncbox is backed by successful business owner Deborah Meaden who believes this product has the potential to change the electrical and AV market for the better. Syncbox have sold over 10,000 units so far and the electrical industry are starting to use it with every install. When they used Syncbox for the first time they couldn’t find a reason to go back to their old method.

We have recently produced install demonstration videos for solid and dry wall installations to show how simple and easy Syncbox is. The videos are a clear step by step guide on how to implement Syncbox effectively, taking no time at all. You can find these on our YouTube channel or on our website http://www.sync-box.com/videos/.

Electricians won’t find an easier or more beneficial install companion than Syncbox.    


What’s the depth behind the modules?

Once the modules are installed, it’s the same as using a standard 35mm deep UK double back box behind. (it’s actually a deeper 40mm).

Will the bending radius of the cable be maintained?

This all depends on the type of cables being installed & the manufactures guidelines. The minimum bending radius will change accordingly, but as a general rule, 4 x the cable diameter. Termination space within Syncbox is a generous 40mm.

What termination tool do I use, Krone tool or 110 punch down?

Krone tools are historically used for telecommunication systems, but can be used for some data outlets, however to terminate properly into keystone jacks you will require a 110 punch down tool.

Can I combine power & AV in one Syncbox?

Yes, included in Syncbox are divides for Band I & Band II. The regulations define that once a “divider” (which comes fitted) is in place within the Syncbox installation box. The installation box is treated as two separate boxes and therefore all regulations are conformed to. Thus allowing for an in-wall TV point.

What modules do I need to use?

Any, Syncbox accepts all euro-modules, the opening measures 100mm x 50mm.

What are Keystone modules?

Keystone modules are the US versions of euro modules, but with a great advantage of that unlike a 1-outlet cat5 euro module taking a total space of 25mm x 50mm, you can fit a 2-outlet cat5 keystone module in the same space. We love them for our in-wall TV point.

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