ABX Boards now available with RCD Incomers


The ABX board is the smallest three phase distribution board on the market today, and was created from an enquiry from a customer in Nottingham, the customer required a three phase supply for their chalets but did not like the large industrial boards available on the market. Proteus were asked if we could supply a smaller board that looked more like a domestic consumer unit but three phase (400 Volt). Proteus Industrial then developed the ABX board, a truly unique alternative design. The ABX board features a solid metal enclosure that is supplied with a side hinged steel door. The board comes standard with a three phase busbar and a 100 Amp 4P isolator pre-fitted, removable top gland plates and rear knockouts for easier installation and more cabling room than a conventional three phase board. The ABX range comes in a number of outgoing ways from 2 - 12TP (horizontal & vertical). The board can be fitted with a transparent front door on request and a key lock can be supplied as an optional extra.

Alternative incomers can also be accommodated e.g. 4 Pole RCDs, but previously this has had to be quoted as a ‘special’. Following a recent promotional social media post, a customer commented that he would like there to be a standard product code for RCD incomer ABX boards as he ordered multiple boards every month. We took his comments on board and we created a whole standard product range of RCD incomer boards with their own individual product codes.