WISKA presents polyamide EMC locknut



Pict. WISKA-MagikNUT_Group: The new WISKA polyamide EMC locknut: MagikNUT.

Particularly in the industrial environment, with increasingly complex technologies, there is a large number of components that must be effectively protected against electromagnetic interference. For cable entry, there are various solutions, mostly as earthing inserts or braids used in metal cable gland fittings. With its new MagikNUT, WISKA now presents a solution which easily establishes the cable shield contact via the locknut.

The MagikNUT is a new polyamide EMC locknut with an integrated stainless steel clip. The EMC installation is easy and quick: The approx. 1 cm stripped off shielded cable is contacted by the claws of the stainless steel clip within the locknut. In addition to the considerably simplified shield contacting, the MagikNUT polyamide design also enables a simple EMC solution for plastic cable glands: The user benefits from maximum flexibility, from standard cable glands to threaded membrane entries and conduit fittings for cable protection. The new WISKA locknut is lightweight, available in M16, M20 and M25 and black or grey. All information on wiska.com.


Pict.WISKA-MagikNUT_Installation:EMC shield connection via locknut:MagikNUT by WISKA.