ESP - helping to prevent van break-ins



The VanCam HD 1080p and CanCam HD 1080p are battery-operated, high-resolution surveillance cameras which have an integral PIR detector, SD card recording and black infra-red illumination. The cameras will detect movement and instantly record high quality images and recordings with time and date stamping, in all conditions day and night.  With 1080p Full HD video resolution and 8MP still image resolution, they will deliver superior quality footage and images that will be valuable in helping to identify criminal damage or theft.

Specifically designed with the theft of vans and tools in mind, the VanCam is supplied with a steel, vandal-resistant casing to provide added protection and security and ultimately to prevent theft of the system or the removal of the SD storage card.  The metal casing which retains the CanCam is locked in place using security screws which are operated using the special tool that is supplied with the product.

Recording is triggered via PIR or time lapse programming, directly to the 4GB SD card supplied, and this has the capacity to hold up 1,000 still images or 100 video clips.  When the card is full, there is an over write option.  Alternatively it is possible to use higher capacity cards up to 32GB.  Recordings are taken from the removable SD card using windows media player for simple playback and transfer.  Recorded footage can also be viewed directly via a PC or TV, via the lead supplied.

The service life of the VanCam/CanCam’s battery pack varies according to the resolution and image mode.  However, an optional plug-in power supply is included for more permanent use.  The camera has a high quality fixed 6mm lens to match the detection angle of the PIR and has an IP55 weatherproof rating.

The covert nature of the VanCam 1080P and the CanCam 1080P makes them ideal for a variety of applications, including the protection of vans, sheds, garages and outbuildings.  They also provide a solution for the general surveillance of property or livestock and monitoring of anti-social behaviour such as fly-tipping.

For further information, contact ESP on 01527 515150, email info@espuk.com or visit www.espuk.com.