New V-TAC UVC Germicidal Lamp



With its expertise in product development and manufacturing, V-TAC launches its remote-controlled UVC Germicidal Lamp – an efficient tool to regularly disinfect enclosed space like offices, schools, shops, and various commercial spaces and ultimately lessen the risk of transmission on surface areas. The germicidal lamp utilizes UVC or Germicidal UV (commonly shortened to GUV) which has been proven to be the most effective portion of the ultraviolet spectrum against infectious pathogens, with advanced technology that has been used for years to sanitise theatres, medical facilities, and more.


The new V-TAC UVC Germicidal Lamp can be fully remote-controlled from a distance of up to 8 metres and comes with motion detection feature of up to 10 metres. It also has automatic timer options (15 30 & 60 minutes) to avoid accidental exposure to UVC rays due to improper use.

The UVC lamp is also directed to businesses and not the consumer market to further lessen chances of human error. Like all disinfection equipment, operating the device should only be handled by trained and knowledgeable personnel.

Interested in knowing more about using the UVC Germicidal Lamp for your business? Send an email to support@vtacexports.com or call us at +442072991212.

More product info and prices available on vtacexports.com