A new USB socket with type A and type C charger outlets is now available from M2.



To reduce the environmental impact of old discarded plug-in chargers the European Union is encouraging manufacturers to no longer supply them with their new battery powered devices.  Therefore, the demand for 13 A sockets that incorporate USB charging is likely to increase dramatically.


The USB-A connector that has been around for some time is relatively large; can only be inserted into a port in one orientation and requires a USB 2.0 connection for 2.5W charging. The new USB-C connector being smaller; able to be inserted either way up and perhaps most importantly outputting  up to 18W to suitable devices for fast charge delivery. If a device doesn’t support QC [Quick Charge] or PD [Power Delivery] then it will default to an optimum charging rate up to 5V 3.1A.

As more battery powered devices are supplied without plug-in chargers and as we enter a transition period where USB type A connectors are replaced by the faster type C, the new M2 dual 13 A USB charger socket provides a future proofed solution for the end users.

For further information please contact the sales office on 01527 520678 or sales@m2electrical.co.uk.

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