Telescopic ladders that lead the way



Batavia have been at the very forefront of telescopic ladder technology, safety and innovation for many years, which makes them the ladder of choice for many users for a variety of tasks.

The Batavia Giraffe Air Telescopic Ladders are a practical, lightweight range for all purposes and are available in 3 popular lengths: 2.63m, 3.27m and 3.81m.

All ladders in the range feature the patented ‘Giraffe Air’ finger protection via gentle retraction of the rungs when the locks are released. This prevents the ladder slamming down on your fingers and, if there were to be a system malfunction, a gap has been engineered between the rungs when closed to avoid your fingers being crushed. They are also rated to the EN131-6/GS standard and have a 150kg carrying capacity.

These ladders are extremely compact when closed, making them easy to transport in any car or van. They also have a safety locking strap to keep them closed to prevent accidental opening when you are carrying them. This also provides a huge benefit when working inside or around sites, reducing the risk of knocking anything or anyone! Its compact design means it requires little space for storage, and they will fit in most cupboards, or hang on the back of a door or wall.


The Batavia ‘Giraffe-Air’ telescopic ladders have a TÜV/GS tested (quality and security) Grid-Lock system to ensure the rungs lock securely in place, and there is a visible lock guide on each release button. You can extend the ladders part height (extend from the bottom rung) or full height (extend from the top rung) and this is shown on the packaging or you can see the video: https://www.bizb2b.co.uk/p/BAT7063596

The 3.27m and 3.81m ladders come supplied with a stabiliser bar that fits on the base of the ladder.


TSI Reference


List Ex Vat



2.63m Giraffe Air Telescopic Ladder - 8 Rung




3.27m Giraffe Air Telescopic Ladder - 10 Rung with Stabiliser Bar




3.81m Giraffe Air Telescopic Ladder - 12 Rung with Stabiliser Bar


The Batavia range of Ladders, Trestles, Power Tools & Accessories is distributed to Electrical Distributors and merchants across the U.K. by BIZ Power Tools Ltd. For details, please contact us:

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