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Crabtree have published a new Starbreaker catalogue bringing together several recent innovations that make it easy for professional electrical installers and specifiers to select innovative high quality electrical safety solutions for residential dwellings.

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In the new Starbreaker catalogue you will find a range of single module miniature devices including;

Single Module Miniature SPD

Single Module Miniature AFDDs

Single Module Miniature RCBOs

Single Module Miniature MCBs

There’s a full range of miniature protective devices and a stylish range of consumer units with added features such as dual screw terminals on the mains switch.

Type A 30mA RCDs rated 80A or 100A. A lockable cover for added safety at work.

Consumer unit options range from 2 way units to 37 ways and cover installations from a simple garage unit through to the larger modern homes.

There’s a range of Type 2 SPD protected units, meter cabinet units, domestic switch fuse units, plus cable management accessories such as consumer unit pattresses, mains tails glands, intumescent seals & flame retardant grommets.

Starbreaker consumer units include a unique finger safe, fully insulated, plug-in busbar system that SPDs, MCBs, RCBOs & AFDDs simply plug into so there are 25% fewer connections to make.

This plug in system instantly connects the devices to the busbar and makes a guaranteed factory quality connections.

Miniature Devices. Easier. Safer. Faster.

The Starbreaker Single Module Miniature SPD is the only SPD that simply plugs into the busbar for an instant power connection.

It only uses one way in the consumer unit, and there’s no need for special wiring or busbar assemblies.

It’s 100A rated and needs to back up protection. This new device fits all Starbreaker consumer units.

Starbreaker Miniature AFDDs are available as B or C curve devices with integral Type A 30mA RCBO.

These miniature AFDDs fit all standard Starbreaker consumer units.

There’s no need for special assemblies. AFDDs detect dangerous arc faults that MCBs & RCDs cannot detect and provide additional protection against electrical fires.

Starbreaker AFDDs are two-pole switching for total isolation of faulty circuits or equipment.

Starbreaker Miniature RCBOs provide a high level of personal protection.

All ratings (6A  to 40A, B or C Curve) are Type A 30mA devices with two-pole switching as standard.

This totally isolates any faulty circuit or item of equipment for maximum safety of residents and maintenance staff, and that’s not all, miniature RCBOs are the same size as an MCB, which guarantees maximum wiring space in the consumer unit.

Plus there’s the miniature B & C Curve MCBs (6A to 50A) and DIN mounted digital timers, contactors and bell transformers.

These DIN control devices can be located anywhere alongside other devices in Starbreaker consumer units without affecting the busbar.

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