Smart Security System: Monitor Your Home From Your Phone



Whether or not you have children or pets at home, it’s never a bad idea to invest in a good home security system. Nothing beats the feeling of leaving your beloved abode with zero worries. These days, having a Smart Home Security System does not even have to break the bank, as the global influx of tech and supplies has brought upon cost-effective smart home security products readily available for purchase in-store and online.

In the booming IoT market, what sets Homeflow apart from other brands?



All Homeflow products are plug-and-play. Besides providing a real-time live stream of what’s happening at home straight to your mobile, the all-around Homeflow app (available for download on both iOS & Android devices) also controls all Homeflow security products available –– from locks, sensors, doorbell, and even lighting. With built-in storage, all videos are saved for future viewing whenever you need it. *Pro-tip: Use smart lighting and control your lights remotely (like when you’re out-of-town, or at work) to deter trespassers.

Sync any Homeflow product on the app and have that extra layer of security even when you’re away from home. No need to buy an expensive hub. No subscription needed.      

 Homeflow     Homeflow

Homeflow offers security cameras both for indoor and outdoor use to accomodate any demand. This range offers high resolution video quality of 720P & 1080P, wide viewing angles, night vision, motion detection, and more.


Homeflow devices are designed to look aesthetically pleasing in any modern home. Besides functionality, they cater to a simple, modern look that does not stand-out so you can stay secured at all times.

The Homeflow Smart Life WiFi Smart Door/Window Contact Sensor keeps a smooth, sleek design that is not distracting nor obstructive upon installation.



Equipped with state-of-the-art motion sensors, Homeflow’s security devices automatically send users notifications once movement is detected or once it is activated.

With the Homeflow Smart Life WiFi Smart Indoor Door Lock, your smartphone is your key. No need to worry about leaving your keys, when you can just use your phone to unlock your home. Users also have the option of using a passcode or RFID cards.



With Homeflow Cameras’ two-way audio feature, you can answer the door even when you’re halfway around the world, or just at the office. Talk with guests, delivery personnel, anyone who’s beyond your doorstep right from your mobile.


Homeflow offers an unmatched level of support with its Geek Group. Also, having offices both in London and Hong Kong, Homeflow benefits from two different time zones. Its global presence allows it to respond to any queries in two hours or less.


Homeflow offers industry-leading, app-controlled home security devices that are easy to set up, configure, and use to bring safety to every house. Features motion detection, push notifications, two-way audio, and more. This range includes the Smart Door/Window Sensor, Smart Doorbell, Smart Keyless Door Lock, Smart Motion Sensor, and Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras.

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