RDF extend their lighting range


Introducing the Ontec S Slave 24V, 50V, 110V and 230V emergency luminaires for central battery systems.


The RDF Lighting Power and Control lighting range is extended to include emergency lighting which complies with the British Standards for use in emergency (BS EN 50171) when connected to the central battery system used in a building.

Confusion exists in emergency lighting discussions as to whether standard 230V AC lighting can be used with an inverter, central battery system (CBU) or UPS as the nominated lighting for emergency purposes.  The simple answer to this is that you can use any light for emergency purposes as long as that light has been tested and passed the requirements for emergency lighting products or BS EN 50171:2001.  Normally, the datasheet will state that any external plastics and diffusers have passed the hot-wire test to show the plastic uses sufficiently rated fire-retardant materials for use as an emergency fitting.  The reality is that very few standard luminaires meet these requirements and therefore the designer or electrical contractor can be confident that appropriately certified slave lighting is the best solution.

  Our slave lighting comes with a choice of working voltage to match the DC voltages used in many central battery systems including 24V, 50V(compatible with 48V), 110V(compatible with 108V) and 220V(compatible with  230V AC).  Most DC central battery systems will provide an AC output whilst the mains supply is healthy and then switch to a DC output from the batteries when the mains supply fails.  All our slave lights are designed to accept both AC and DC supplies and will operate whether they are normally maintained or non-maintained by the central system or relays.


We have also launched our slave downlight, the CBU SPOT 43 SLAVE HR shown above which also is available in a number of working voltages.  This product also includes an internal hold off relay which means the downlight doesn’t require any external relays to only illuminate when the lighting supply in a local area fails.  This means the central battery system can have a combination of maintained (e.g. exit signs) and non-maintained products on the same circuit.  What’s more, the downlight is available not only as an open area optic it is also available as a corridor lens version which means they can be placed much wider apart resulting in fewer emergency luminaires required in corridor applications.

If you are looking for inverters and central batteries, RDF have a wide range of these too, all featured on our main website shown below.  Our inverters and central battery systems are supplied with a minimum of 10-year life maintenance free VRSLA batteries to go beyond the lifetime requirements in the British Standards.  They will also fully integrate with fire alarm and BMS systems.  Our industrial grade batteries are also suitable to replace those on older central battery systems and inverters.  In addition, we offer services for central systems including surveys, annual battery checks and battery replacements.

RDF products are listed on the Luckins website here and are stocked in the UK with most available for next day delivery.

Visit our website at www.rdflightingpowerandcontrol.co.uk to see the best range of emergency luminaires and exit signs in the UK, all with options including lithium long life batteries, addressable self-contained, DALI and central battery powered.  We also provide the complete emergency lighting system solutions with addressable systems, central battery systems and inverters.

Ask your wholesaler about RDF inverters, smart central battery systems, addressable systems and emergency lighting and exit signage, or contact us for more information by either visiting our website or contacting us on 0333 772 9019, or emailing sales@RDFLightingPowerandControl.co.uk