Skytile UGR



Skytile® UGR

  • Specifically engineered to reduce glare
  • Designed to comply with BS EN 12464-1 lighting of work places
  • Two colour selectable plug and play connector

Specifically engineered to reduce glare

Introducing Skytile® UGR, our ultra-low glare LED flat panel

Our Skytile® range has been continually developed since its inception, to track advances in LED technology. Due to developments in performance and increases in light output, glare has become an issue in office environments. To provide a low glare solution, we have redeveloped Skytile® to incorporate the latest in nano-structure diffuser technology, eradicating the issues caused by glare whilst providing an adequate light output.

Skytile® UGR has been engineered with nano structure technology that refocuses the light down, reducing any light spill from the sides which can cause glare. This innovative technology also ensures only the required amount of light is used, therefore saving on energy that would have otherwise been wasted from light spill. By minimising glare and improving efficiency, Skytile® UGR offers a unique solution to increase productivity and save on energy simultaneously

UGR values dictate the required luminosity of a room based on its function, these values are specified in the European Standard BS EN 12464: 2002 lighting of work places. For office applications that are PC or writing based UGR 19 compliant fittings are required, making UGR 19 one of the largest contributing factors for Facilitiy Managers of office locations. Skytile UGR meets this criterion, and in certain applications surpasses it.

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