Rolec EV Launches EV Charging Street Lights


Rolec EV has launched a new range of public facing EV charging points which are incorporated within energy-efficient street lighting columns.


‘EV: StreetCharge’ has been specially designed in conjunction with street lighting specialists BEI Lighting and Fabrikat to offer a highway specification, energy-efficient street light combined with a Mode 3 EV fast charging point. It is the first product of its kind to offer integrated EV charging facilities from within a durable, traditional looking, street light.

There are hundreds and thousands of street lights throughout the UK, many of which have sufficient electricity available to be upgraded to also provide electric vehicle charging. As a result, EV: StreetCharge is an ideal solution for installation into both new and existing car parking and street parking environments.

Kieron Alsop, Rolec’s Managing Director, commented: “We are delighted to be adding EV: StreetCharge to our already extensive portfolio of EV charging products, especially our public facing EV charging range which has been expanded and strengthened upon during 2016. 

“Our collaboration with BEI Lighting and Fabrikat has enabled us to design the street light EV charging solution the industry wanted. It is the first of its kind to house the entire EV charging point within the traditional aesthetics of a street light’s hard wearing shell. EV: StreetCharge units will be finished in bright green, so EV drivers can quickly and easily locate a street light containing a built-in EV charging point.”

Alsop continued: “EV: StreetCharge is an affordable, versatile product with a multitude of benefits. It can come in free-to-use and keyswitch controlled versions, or even utilise our EV Charge Online network management system.

“The EV Charge Online network management system allows every EV driver in the country to be able to operate and pay for their EV charging via their mobile phone, tablet or in-car connectivity. Unlike other EV charging management systems, the charging tariff is at the discretion of the EV host operator - there are no extra fees, i.e. subscription or connection fees, for the EV driver. Not only does this system allow the host operator to easily manage their EV charging network, but it can be used to cover overhead running costs or even as a new source of revenue.

“As the majority of existing streetlights can be easily and cost-effectively upgraded, we forecast our EV: StreetCharge, complete with EV Charge Online, to be a best-seller for 2017 with both EV hosts and EV drivers.”

For more information about any of Rolec EV’s product range please call 01205 724754, email rolec@rolecserv.co.uk or go to www.rolecserv.com