Estrella linear lighting solution



Estrella was specifically designed to achieve both architectural and functional excellence, allowing a seamless design that can be infinitely reconfigured to create a truly unique lighting design. The versatility of Estrella allows a range of lengths and mounting options; including surface mounted, suspended or recessed.


Create uniform, unbroken lines of light in continuous runs by combining a range corner connections and lengths. A choice of lumen outputs and optional bi-directional light distribution allows the ultimate flexibility to create a layout that enhances any environment. The unparalleled flexibility continues with an optional glare control diffuser, tunable white colour temperature, integral emergency and a range of dimming options.

Estrella at a glance

  • Stand alone and continuous modules allow a creative design of continuous light lines
  • Mechanical and electrical connection without tools
  • Multiple luminaires on a single power entry point
  • Light line with direct and indirect light exit options
  • Efficiency-boosting technology and optional low glare diffuser to achieve standardcompliant uniform illumination
  • Cross, ‘T’ and ‘L’ corner pieces are available to connect onto the straight modules to create a truly unique lighting environment.