Public Fast Charging Stations



GARO Electric offers a premium quality range of smart and robust EV charging pillars which are ideally suited to public spaces. All charging stations are manufactured in Europe, resulting in immediate stock availability, quality production and speedy timeframes for bespoke orders. All GARO chargers are user friendly, feature a stylish design, smart functionality and have built-in protection for personal safety. Options are available within the GARO range to facilitate OCPP or 3rd party cloud billing and management solutions. A three year warranty is standard across the range.

The GARO’s LS4 station is manufactured from marine grade aluminum, which means it meets the strict requirements for devices installed in public places. Its construction allows it to be directly bolted to the ground (e.g. concrete), or mounted on a pole mounted assembly.

The top of the charger features a 360 light indicator which displays the charge status of each station from a distance. The front illuminated surface, is available for customer logo and instructions.


The station is equipped with two illuminated type 2 sockets protected against weather conditions. Garo’s LS4 is available in 16 A, 32 A versions, both single and 3-phase, with optional MID certified electricity meter. It has separate protection and residual current circuit breakers for each socket and integrated electronics communication between the station and the car.

The stations are equipped with intelligent controllers for each of the sockets enabling work with OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 protocols.

As a part of an installed station group, (up to 25 LS4 stations), a Dynamic Load Management (DLM) can be activated, which can dynamically control the power of each LS4 socket working in the group.

Recommended Locations for Installation

  • Car parks in public spaces

  • Supermarkets & shopping centres

  • Bus and rail stations

  • Restaurants

About GARO
Using our extensive experience, expertise and innovation, we offer a uniquely wide range of EV charging stations and complete solutions from our well stocked branch located in Birmingham. GARO offers excellent service, sales support and technical advice and as a European manufacturer we are proud to offer short lead times and fast delivery.

If you are interested in exploring the world of EV charging further or would like any more information on our range please contact us.