Not all exit signs are equal


Introducing the improved Ontec G double sided emergency exit sign with laser etched light distribution panel for high uniformity and optional high contrast.



Black or white versions available as surface / wall mount as well as with a recessed kit.

When selecting an exit sign we often forget what the real purpose is of fitting these life critical devices.  Exit signs are an integral element of an emergency lighting design for safe escape from a building due to a failure of the mains power.  This power failure may just result in the lights going off, however the escape route lighting is also designed to help escape the building should the power fail due to fire and therefore smoke build up.

The standards on emergency lighting escape route signage allows the use of multiple types of green and white wording, running man, door and arrow logos; however it is the ISO 7010 exit sign that was found to be the most visible in smoke filled environments in research carried out in Japan.  Therefore the ISO 7010 type exit signs shown above that are recommended in most countries including the UK for new build or full refurbishment projects.

The visibility of exit signs is based on several factors such as viewing distance, luminance of the pictogram, the contrast between the legend and the background, and the uniformity within the legend and the background.  When looking at the images of products on the market, it doesn’t take long to find that not all exit signs are equal. 


Examples of exit signs without uniform internal illumination


Laser etched light distribution panel significantly improves uniformity and therefore visibility

With the newly designed ONTEC G product, care has been taken to ensure the legend surpasses the minimum requirements of ISO 7010 to ensure the best visibility in a smoke filled or dark environment.  A special process of laser etching the light distribution panel means that light is distributed in a uniform way across the whole of the legend.  This uniformity means all parts of the legend have a consistent contrast level and there is no glare from the surrounding light meaning contrast between the legend and the background is maximised.

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