MK Electric launches new range, perfect for prudent budgets with high quality demands.


MK Electric is launching its new MK Base range, designed to suit projects with more prudent budgets without needing to compromise on customer expectations.

Manufactured to the same high quality and reliability standards for which the company is known, MK Base offers a broad and practical range of white moulded switches and sockets. It’s an ideal partner to MK’s Logic Plus range, and includes one and two gang sockets with integrated USB ports as well as trailing edge LED dimmers. Grid front plates and euro plates that are compatible with MK Electric’s Grid Plus and euro range of modules are also available, extending the range further to meet the needs of any project.

In response to increased demand for anti-microbial electrical products, the MK Base range is made using urea formaldehyde, a high-grade thermoset material with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties inherent in the actual compound of the product. Along with Logic Plus, it is the most widely tested wiring device range available, with testing carried out by an independent accredited laboratory to the latest standards for antibacterial measurement for plastics – ISO 22196:2011. It has effective 24hr kill rates on MRSA (99.98%), E. coli (99.99%), salmonella (99.98%), Klebsiella pneumoniae (99.78%), Staphylococcus Aureus 6538p (99.99%) which can be resistant to antibiotics, and Listeria (99.97%). The range has also been proven to have a kill rate of 99.99% on the Phi-X174 virus1 - one of the smallest known non-enveloped viruses which makes it harder to detect and kill. Protection against this virus is used as an internationally recognised standard in anti-viral testing to analyse the resistance of critical PPE and air filtration systems to blood-borne viruses.

Developed with installers in mind, features such as backed out and captive terminal screws that make MK Base is easy and convenient to install, with the reliability and performance expected from MK Electric products. Backed by a 20-year guarantee2, the range delivers a truly fit-and-forget solution for complete peace of mind.

From a customer perspective, the range is designed to look stylishly simple, with curved edges to complement any interior.

Emma Segelov, MK Electric’s EMEA marketing operations manager, said: “The launch of MK Base is significant for MK Electric. By introducing a range designed for value, we are making our products more widely accessible so that contractors, specifiers and end users who know and appreciate the level of quality expected from us can spend cautiously without compromising on trusted reliability.

“When used alongside an effective cleaning regime, its impressive antimicrobial properties can help organisations to create a healthier building environment , enabling our customers and clients to specify and install our products with confidence.”

MK Base will be available nationwide via its network of dedicated stockists, offering customers across the UK the opportunity to fit the best to suit their budget.

For more information, visit www.hwll.co/MKBase 

  1. Honeywell data on file
  2. Excludes electronic products