Legrand launches uniquely adaptable lighting control system



Legrand has unveiled the latest generation of its uniquely adaptable plug-and-play lighting control system, Lightrak.

Offering fully addressable DALI control, networked over a KNX backbone, the system uses Electrak power and data Buscom trunking to distribute lighting power and KNX around a building, eliminating the need for long and complicated cable runs.

Once installed, Lighting Control Modules (LCMs) complete with pre-wired tap-offs and brackets can simply be ‘snapped’ onto the bar wherever they are needed. The latest LCMs also feature a new compact plug-in DALI module to provide full DALI control over the KNX backbone.

One of the standout benefits of Legrand’s Lightrak system is its modularity. Whether they are being installed as part of category-A or category-B fit-out, lighting schemes – inclusive of sensors and LCMs – can be simply moved and reprogrammed to accommodate any change in layout, without the need to run or terminate any additional circuits. More units can be added if required, to provide an adaptable, easy-to-upgrade and futureproof solution.

Another unique benefit of the new Lightrak system is the ability to offer designers and consultants a choice of system architectures.

The system can be configured as a traditional KNX/DALI LCM solution, with the modular controller plugging into an eight-outlet distribution box. However, the modular controller can also plug into a Buscom control unit, which injects DALI onto the Buscom trunking to create a KNX/DALI Intelligent Busbar System where the Buscom trunking itself becomes the lighting control unit. As such, lights and control devices can plug directly into the bar via tap-offs.

While busbar systems already drastically decrease the amount of cable used within an installation, Lightrak’s Intelligent Busbar System reduces this further, as the ability to plug in luminaires anywhere along the bar means connection cables can be even shorter. This can help designers and consultants to meet the recent changes outlined in the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations, specifically relating to the prevention of premature cable collapse in the event of a fire.  

A further addition to the latest Lightrak system is the new graphical headend, which allows the entire lighting network to be tested, monitored and controlled easily either locally, or remotely via the internet. Emergency lighting tests can also be scheduled and the results harvested and logged, with any fault statuses clearly identified and systematically sent to the site’s maintenance team. The system is PC configurable, and can be integrated onto IP or a site’s BMS network.

Paul Martin, Lead Marketing Manager – Power Distribution at Legrand UK & Ireland, comments: “Lighting typically accounts for up to 20% of a commercial building’s energy use [1] which adds up to a significant utility cost over the year without even taking into account installation, set-up and maintenance. However, intelligent lighting control can lead to a reduction in utility costs associated with lighting in the region of 30-55%.

“The latest version of Lightrak represents a uniquely adaptable lighting control system intended to evolve throughout the life of the building it supports. Combining plug and play functionality with sophisticated technology, as well as a comprehensive range of lighting control devices, Lightrak offers lighting designers and consultants with one of the most advanced – and flexible – systems on the market.”

For more information on Legrand’s new Lightrak lighting control system, please visit: www.legrand.co.uk.