Introducing the next generation SpiroCross



Introducing the next generation SpiroCross, the XC-M with ‘magnetic attraction’ for installers

Spirotech has unveiled its ‘next generation’ SpiroCross featuring a magnetic dirt separator for even more efficient magnetite removal.

The Spirocross XC-M utilises magnetic field amplification to attract magnetic particles that are in the system fluid, the captured dirt then being easily removed via a 360-degree rotating drain valve.

SpiroCross units combine 3 functions in 1: efficient hydraulic balancing, a deaerator for the effective removal of circulating and trapped air, and dirt separation, now with the addition of a magnet in the XC-M.

Rob Jacques, Spirotech’s National Key Accounts and Technical Sales Manager, said: “The SpiroCross XC-M with magnet is a cost-efficient 3-in-1 solution designed to maximise system efficiency over the long term.

“Its innovative design should appeal to commercial installers and building owners who are looking for maximum efficiency from their heating and cooling systems.”

Today's highly energy-efficient systems require optimal hydraulic balancing and can only offer best performance if air and dirt is removed from the system fluid.

Rob explained: “In unconditioned systems, circulating and trapped air can cause corrosion and oxidisation. These forms of contamination can accumulate throughout the system, affecting the flow dynamics. The direct consequences are a less efficient system and higher energy bills.”

With the new SpiroCross design, Spirotech has maximised the effectiveness of the magnet by positioning it vertically in the middle of the unit, in the direct flow path.

Rob added: “The XC-M is the next generation of SpiroCross and can be used in new-build and refurbishments projects.”

As well as the addition of a magnet, the SpiroCross XC-M has four temperature sensor mounts. The mounts can be used for the temperature measurement of a state-of-the-art heating or cooling system that is equipped with an independent control system.

SpiroCross units not only help maximise a system’s energy efficiency, the 3-in-1 functions capability saves on space, and installation and maintenance costs.

For more information on Spirotech’s range of water treatment and system protection products, please visit www.spirotech.co.uk.