OVIA expands popular Inceptor Evo bulkhead range




Ovia - part of the Scolmore Group of companies – has added new, white metal housing options across its hugely popular Inceptor EVO LED bulkhead range – bringing installers more choice when it comes to quality, versatile lighting solutions.

Ovia’s Inceptor EVO already offers black metal housings in three styles – Circular, Eyelid and Grille – and the addition of white versions across all three styles will further enhance the appeal of the range and open up more opportunities for installers looking for a particular look and finish for different applications. 

The Inceptor EVO products were designed with the contractor in mind and, with their convenience and speed of install as key attributes, they continue to be a popular choice.  They offer a number of features and benefits, including the time-saving fast-fit and lock installation process and the integration of the control gear and the light source within the diffuser.  They have the added benefit of a Flow plug which allows for fast and simple connection and disconnection for testing and maintenance of the luminaire.

The IP65-rated Inceptor EVO is available in two formats, Circular and Eye-Lid, with each format offered in four different options – 10W Standard; 12W Emergency; 13W Microwave Sensor; and 18W Emergency and Microwave Sensor combined.  This provides contractors and installers with a range of easy-to-install LED bulkheads, suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial applications including walkways, corridors, stairwells and communal areas, within public areas such as schools, offices, and shopping malls and urban spaces.

The vandal-resistant metal housings have an IK10 rating to enhance the potential applications for the range.

For further information, contact OVIA on 01827 300640, sales@oviauk.com or visit www.oviauk.com.