Rolec Introduces EV UltraSMART



UK charge point manufacturer Rolec EV have announced the launch of EV UltraSMART, a new intelligent smart technology platform which can be integrated across its entire EV charging range.

Naomi Nye, Rolec’s EV Corporate Manager, commented: “The EV charging industry, including both the EV driver and the charge point host, is displaying an ever-increasing thirst for immediate, real time and accurate charge point data - such as charging costs, power consumption, availability, etc.

“In addition, the EV driver has a desire to interact with the charging point via a number of methods including mobile phone and other web enabled devices, RFID card and similar.

“At Rolec we already manufacture and supply a number of independent SMART charging solutions which offer these features - including EV Charge Online, EV GroupManager and EV SmartCharge.”

Naomi continued: “These independent SMART charging solutions have now been merged within the UltraSMART technology platform, enabling us to offer our customers a variety of comprehensive integrated EV charging solutions and services, managed via a single UltraSMART platform.

“UltraSMART can now offer our customers a dynamic and fully integrated EV charging network covering all aspect of electric vehicle charging including SMART charging for the home, the workplace and in public locations.

“UltraSMART also enables our customers to design, implement and operate their own bespoke charging network.” 

Naomi confirmed this could include choosing:

-The appropriate type of charging point or points from the Rolec range in order to suit the intended location/environment

-The type of operating system on the charging points - such as EV Charge Online (mobile phone) , GroupManager (RFID cards), SmartCharge (GPRS connectivity)

Naomi continued:  “In summary, the charging point choice, location and operating system together form the basis of the charging network which is then entirely operated and managed by UltraSMART.”

For more information about Rolec’s EV UltraSMART platform call 01205 724754 or email rolec@rolecserv.co.uk