Audio Only Door Entry in high demand



ESP has seen sales of its door entry products rise by 30% in the past 12 months and the company has identified a growing demand for audio entry products, which are providing an ideal solution for cost-sensitive projects. 

Having launched an Audio Only Door Entry Handset to its Aperta Access Control range earlier this year, ESP has now added a version in black, to offer yet more choice.  The audio only handset is compatible with the existing Aperta Multiway Door Station and will provide another option to fulfil the growing demand in the market – particularly where cost is an issue.

The Aperta Video Door Entry system from ESP is a simple to install, user friendly, contemporary system that is packed with features & benefits. The Aperta Multiway Video System for apartments offers all this in a compact, weatherproof door station which supports up to 32 apartments and provides door access code facility.

ESP had previously offered two options of internal video monitor to suit multiway applications - a definitive 7-inch monitor to suit main requirements with video and 2-way audio functions, and also an enhanced monitor with built-in record facility to capture missed callers and visitors and thus offer added reassurance.

The addition of the Audio Only Handsets means that installers now have another option that will meet the expanding market requirements and applications.  The audio only handsets are compatible with the Aperta Video Door Entry range, and feature clear 2-way audio, magnetic holster and they are available in a black or white gloss finish.

For cost-sensitive projects, systems can be specified as audio only, by selecting the audio-only handsets.  This provides a high quality system at an excellent price point.   Individual tenants will then have the option to upgrade to a video monitor if they require.  This versatility of the system offers a great opportunity for installers to upsell the benefits of a video monitor for those who require more functionality.

For mid-level projects where monitors have been installed for each apartment, the audio only handset offers a cost-effective way for the tenant to have additional call receiver points without the need to opt for a more expensive video monitor.

The Aperta system supports up to 32 apartments, which in turn support a mixture of up to 4 call receiver points per apartment, which equates to the potential for 128 call receiving points on one system.

Now available in a black or white gloss finish, the Aperta Audio Only Handset works on a non-polarity, 2-wire bus system and allows for simple and time-effective installation and offers versatility – supporting any configuration of audio only handset and video monitor.

2-way audio allows for clear audio identification of the visitor, while the features of the handset include ring tone selection, doorbell option, intercom call, lock release function and volume adjustment.

For further information, contact ESP on 01527 515150, email info@espuk.com or visit www.espuk.com.