Heat Mat introduces new driveway heating cables



Heat Mat introduces new driveway heating cables for installation under hot tarmac, concrete or block paving

As demand for Heat Mat’s driveway heating continues to increase we are looking for new innovative ways to heat access routes.

This has led us to introduce two new heating cables for use under hot tarmac.

These cables do not need to be covered before pouring tarmac on top, the outer layer melts and the cables integrity is retained. The European manufactured cables are very strong and robust; they are suitable for commercial and domestic applications including new driveways, ramps and pathways. The cables can be zip tied onto rebar or left within tarmac. They will melt dangerous ice and snow leaving a clear path for access in winter.

The cables are 50W and coverage is as follows:


21m Driveway heating cable 4.2m2 at 250W


85m Driveway heating cable 17.0m2 at 250W

50W cables can be made with extended cold-tail connections if required. They are exceptionally quick to fit and supplied on metal drums for easy installation.

The cables include a sacrificial outer layer that absorbs the heat, protecting the heating cable itself and making them suitable for installation directly under hot asphalt.