Brass Cable Glands



A wide range of low quality plastic bags in the Electrical Trade are going to waste, resulting in an excessive amount of plastic being thrown away. Which is why Deligo’s Brass Cable Gland stand-up bags are strong, reusable and resealable, helping tradesmen across the UK not waste as much plastic – carry a range of spares, screws and ‘bits ‘n bobs’ in these resealable bags. In addition to the fantastic reusability, Deligo’s Brass Cable Gland Bags come with a handy Cable Gland Calculator on the reverse side when scanning the QR code. This calculator can easily and quickly give you insight onto which cable dimensions you need, speeding up the process and getting the job done – finding the right cable size has never been easier. Deligo’s branded bags include all BW, CW, LSF, CXT, E1W and E1FW.

In case you missed it, Deligo’s Loyalty Points are being extended to December 2022 – grab yourself a bag of Cable Glands and get rewarded! 

For more information on the Loyalty Points Program, please email: marketing@deligo.co.uk.

Having trouble scanning the QR code? Use this link: https://bit.ly/GlandCalculator